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Glossy Black-Cockatoo records are entered into a centrally managed database that is used only for genuine conservation purposes. The database is managed by researchers at Griffith University in collaboration with Conservancy members, particularly Birds Queensland and the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)

Data will be made available to local councils and the Department of Environment and Resource Management (QLD) to assist in more informed decision making surrounding conservation and land use management practices.

A major aim of the project is to produce a regional management plan for the Glossy Black-Cockatoo in South East Queensland. This is dependant on accurate records of birds as well as their habitats, particularly feeding sites and nesting locations. The compilation of these records therefore provides a valuable resource to informing the future management of the species and its habitat.

Remember to submit all of your sightings. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this process talk to our contacts about becoming a Friend of the Glossy Black Conservancy.


IMPORTANT - Please read before entering form

Please enter all detailed requested on the form. Without all details we cannot process or use your sighting information. Please also enter details about the bird to ensure you have made a correct identification as it is possible to confuse Glossy Black-Cockatoo with other similar black cockatoo.



  Glossy Black Cockatoo Source: Guy Castley

Glossy feeding
Source: Alan Rash