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Welcome to the Glossy Black Conservancy's online sightings reporting tool. We hope that this tool will streamline the reporting of Glossy Black-Cockatoo sightings while also providing a means to display the distribution of the species within Australia. We have tried to make the tool as straightforward to use as possible while still capturing the essential information for each sighting made. The interface is through a series of button, form fields and drop down options. There are also certain mandatory fields required before your sighting can be captured on the database.

Sightings captured through this system are accessible for viewing by the general public as well as local councils, the Department of Environment and Resource Management (QLD), and the New South Wales Department of Environment and Climate Change to assist in more informed decision making surrounding conservation and land use management practices.

This primary interface page has a number of options available below. This includes the submission of new sightings of Glossy Black-Cockatoo, recording the signs of Glossy Black-Cockatoo feeding evidence as 'feed trees' and finally the ability to view historical records and sightings of this species in southeast Queensland and northeastern New South Wales. While the reporting tool draws heavily on existing records for this region the submission of new sightings is not restricted to this area. We welcome sightings of Glossy Black-Cockatoo from any locality within Australia. If you are unsure of whether the Black-Cockatoo you have seen is indeed a Glossy Black-Cockatoo please visit our page on "How to Identify a Glossy" before submitting your sighting.

Remember to submit all of your sightings as the trends and patterns in the use of certain areas over time can provide useful insight into the value of certain habitats. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this process talk to our contacts about becoming a Friend of the Glossy Black Conservancy.

Please enter all detailed requested on the form. Without all details we cannot process or use your sighting information. Please also enter details about the bird to ensure you have made a correct identification as it is possible to confuse Glossy Black-Cockatoo with other similar black cockatoo. Thank you for your valuable contribution.


  • - Click on this button to report a Glossy Black-Cockatoo sighting

  • - Click on this button to report a 'Feed Tree' sighting (presence of chewings)




Flying Glossy

Source: Marg Eller

Source: Bob Inglis

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