Conservation Guidelines and Annual Highlights

The Glossy Black-Cockatoo is one of the more threatened species of cockatoo in Australia. As a specialist species, it requires a combination of resources across the wider landscape. The loss of feed trees, nesting sites, roosting areas and water holes can compromise the ability of the species to survive in the wild.

In 2010 the Glossy Black Conservancy published the Glossy Black Conservation Guidelines to help conserve the species, whilst guiding good planning and management decisions. Keep an eye out for the updated Conservation Guidelines, coming soon!

The Conservancy’s Annual Highlights provide a snapshot of what actions, research and education the Glossy Black Conservancy, Partners and Friends have provided and supported. The Conservancy currently uses an electronic action plan to monitor implementation progress.

If you wish to know more about the Conservancy, have any questions about Glossy Black-Cockatoos and upcoming activities, or wish to become a friend or partner of the Glossy Black Conservancy and support our conservation efforts, contact us now.

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