Golden Ort Award

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The Glossy Black Conservancy relies on the combined efforts of its various members and friends to achieve its aims, although there are certain individuals who make significant contributions towards completing priority actions or promoting the conservation of the species in general.

The award was originally presented in 2009 by the Glossy Black Conservancy by way of recognising the outstanding contributions of key individuals.

The award is now allocated annually by vote at the Conservancy’s end of year general meeting and is open to all Partners, Friends and the general community.


Golden Ort Award Winners

2017 – Tracey Larkin

2016 – Penn Lloyd

2015 – Bob Carey

2014 – Holly Keddie

2013 – Tracey Larkin

2010 – Guy Castley

2009 – Jedd Appleton, Liz Gould, Simone O’Keefe and Lee Dorahy

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